FAB 2013

FAB - Fringe Arts Bath 2013
SANCTUARY is a new installation transforming a disused space in the Officers Club, Stall Street, created specifically for OUTSIDE IN a curated element of the Bath Fringe Arts Festival. Working with the possibility for transformation that exists in the thrown away - fragments from the street, the debris and traces of life lived - uncovering opportunities to remake/see differently/reuse/re-connect/re-invent, I have been exploring the potential in the thrown away. The background of the work makes reference to the impact of the discarded on the environment and on wildlife, creating a Sanctuary for the protection of wildlife as well as emphasising the threats of man and materials.

My installations are immersive experiences, challenging the edges, crossing the boundaries and much can be gained from viewing the work from different heights. The work comes alive when viewed through the lens of the camera, where you have to engage with what sits within and outside the frame, and what perspective to take. Take photos, post to FAB 2013, make your own contribution.

FRINGE ARTS BATH is open from MAy 24 to June 9th